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James Baquet,
B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. (Cand.)

Cross-cultural Educator and
Specialist in Intercultural Communication


Salons and Workshops

Including exploration of cross-cultural business issues

James has a broad background in cross-cultural training.  He can lead your employees to greater productivity through understanding the needs of foreign customers and colleagues.

From the simple:

  • Writing Effective E-mails

  • Telephone Manners

  • Receiving Visitors

  • Making Appointments

To the sophisticated:

  • Business Ethics

  • Coping with Varying Values

  • Entertaining Clients

  • Understanding "The Western Mind"

James can enable everyone from clerks to CEOs to maximize their encounters with English-speaking associates.

Note: All workshops are given in English, which can be simplified to suit the participants' skill level.  If the participants are not able to understand English at all, James can work with your in-house interpreter or provide one at additional cost.

In recent months, James has also conducted numerous English Salons in various venues.  A dynamic, interactive speaker, James can capture an audience and get them talking.  James will work with the program coordinator to develop a program that's right for your group.




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