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James Baquet,
B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. (Cand.)

Cross-cultural Educator and
Specialist in Intercultural Communication



High quality at a reasonable rate

Until Further Notice: James will be billing all lessons,
home or outside, one student or twenty,
at the rate of 300 RMB per hour,
with a 2-hour minimum.
Special events may be extra.

The information below is for archival purposes only
and will be revised in the future.

For Instruction
Including English Lessons, Cultural Knowledge, Book Discussion, Test Preparation, Study Abroad Preparation, and Writing Skills

James teaches students in his studio in Fu Hua Xin Cun, Futian.  He can also meet them outside for an additional price.

  In Studio Luohu or Futian Nanshan or Yantian
120 RMB/hour 150 RMB/hour* 180 RMB/hour*
Additional Student(s) 30 RMB each 40 RMB each* 50 RMB each*


  • Prices include simple handouts; books or other materials may be extra.

  • Outside lessons must be a minimum of 90 minutes (1-1/2 hours)

  • Students must pay for four lessons in advance, with an option to renew.  If they cancel more than 24-hours before the lesson, there will be no penalty; the class can be added on to the end of the schedule.  Cancellation within 24 hours will be charged at the full rate.

  • Outside of the Special Economic Zone: Call or write for fees


Pricing Examples:

2 students for 1 hour in James' Studio=150 RMB (or 75 each)

1 student for 2 hours in Luohu District=300 RMB

3 students for 1-1/2 hours in Nanshan=420 RMB (or 140 each)


For Salons and Workshops

Fees for Salons and Workshops vary according to

the location

the length and type of the program, and

the number of participants.

A typical price might be 400 RMB for a two-hour program of 25-40 participants with a presentation followed by small-group discussions.  In-company training workshops in cross-cultural issues or intercultural communication are generally billed at  400 per hour, with a 1-1/2 hour minimum.


For Mini-Tours

Fees for Mini-Tours vary according to

the location of the tour

the length and type of the tour, and

the number of participants.

A typical museum trip or "Urban Experience" would generally cost about 200 per hour for one or two participants.  Each additional participant could expect to pay about 75 RMB more.  All entrance fees (including those for James) must be paid by the student(s).


For Editing

Fees for editing vary according to

the quality of the original translation

the number of pages, and

the schedule for delivery.

A typical quote might be 200 RMB for five pages (single spaced) of text with minor errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.  Work which requires consultation with the translator is considerably higher.



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