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James Baquet,
B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. (Cand.)

Cross-cultural Educator and
Specialist in Intercultural Communication


Cultural Knowledge

From Shakespeare to Lord of the Rings

A well-educated person must know a lot about a lot of things.  But who has time to read all of the "Great Books"?  James can teach you about the foundations of Western culture, including:

  • Great literature

  • Great works of art

  • World religions

  • Major historical events

  • Classic films

After studying these things, even reading the newspaper becomes easier!

Here is a quiz with one question from each category:

  • Who wrote Moby Dick?

  • In what kind of room do we find Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper"?

  • What do we call the group of four books in the Bible which describe the life of Jesus?

  • Where did Napoleon meet his final defeat?

  • What actor starred in movies classics like True Grit and The Quiet Man?

The answers:

  • Herman Melville

  • A dining room

  • "The Gospels"

  • Waterloo

  • John Wayne

How did you do?




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