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Mi-le-fo (top page for Chinese temples)

Visits to Chinese Temples
Hong Kong

Furudera (top page for Japanese temples)


Figures: (Personages found in temples)

Introduction to Buddhism ("Buddhism 101")

A Glossary of Temple Elements

Chinese Temple Layouts

An Ascent of Hsi Lai Temple: A Pilgrimage

A one-page version of the devotional section

The Arhats' Names in Chinese

Deep Asia

Shenzhen: Life in a Special Zone

China: Life in the Middle Kingdom

Japan: Life in the Land of the Rising Sun

Not yet developed, but see my Aki Meguri pages.

Aki Meguri:

This area has its own Sitemap.  Main indices include:


A Letter from James

"Of This and That": On religion

The Hot Seat: Q & A

The Temple Guy's Got Mail: We get letters...

Linkin' Log: Sites seen while cruising the net

  • Bishop Simeon, a special tribute to one of my main sources of really really good links

Holy Humor: Mirth with a Message

A Calendar of Sacred Events

Buckets of Light: Photo Galleries

Sacred Sights: Temple images

  • "Saint Mickey D":  Tian Hou Temple, Chiwan, Shekou, Shenzhen, China (posted 10/31/04)
  • "Six Sides": Kannon-ji, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan (posted 9/10/2004)
  • "Monkey Shrines": Hie Shrine, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan (posted 9/3/2004)
  • "Rub Me Jizo": Senso-ji, Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan (posted 8/27/2004)

One Good Shot: Other images

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