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The Temple Guy(.com) is dead! Long live the Temple Guy(.org)!
Well, not dead, exactly, but... Read more about it!

Welcome to

A gathering place on the Internet
for the descendants of
Achille Joseph Baquet Sr. and
Rosema Rose Baquet


As mentioned above, AUNT TIL'S KIDS is a place where a group of cousins (mostly) get together to share news, photos, reminiscences, etc.

Because it is for "family," the site is password protected.  If you know us, or feel you have a valid reason to visit the site, you may request a password.

The Temple Guy is the webmaster and "Gate Guardian" for the WWW.  If you are a stranger, write to The Temple Guy and state your case.   However, if you know one of the cousins, any one of us can "give you the 'word."

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