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The Temple Guy(.com) is dead! Long live the Temple Guy(.org)!
Well, not dead, exactly, but... Read more about it!


Tian Hou Temple, Chiwan, Shekou, Shenzhen, China PRC

Come with me on Pilgrimage...



In fact, I have only been to one Chinese temple in America.  That is Hsi Lai Temple, where I was fortunate enough to work for half a year, so my pages about it are extensive.

I have also added one not-so-Chinese temple in America: my "ancestral shrine" in my parents' back yard.

If I ever live in America again, I'm sure these pages will grow.

Happy reading!



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My "Ancestral Shrine," Rosemead, Los Angeles County, California, USA
This little shrine is located in my parents' yard. It is a tribute to my family, to my time in Japan, and to the Buddhist and folk teachings of honoring one's ancestors. 

Hsi Lai Temple, Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles County, California, USA
OK, so the first "Chinese Temple" listed here isn't actually in China. But it is a perfect embodiment of Chinese Buddhist heritage, and it was the first place in which I learned Chinese religion. This is primarily a "links" page, since the Temple itself is covered thoroughly at Buddhism at "Buddhism 101."


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