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Tian Hou Temple, Chiwan, Shekou, Shenzhen, China PRC

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Although Shenzhen has few temples, they are all within an hour of my home.  I can visit them again and again, and I have "cut my teeth" on them in terms of understanding Chinese temples.

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Tien Hou (Ma Zhou) Temple, Chiwan, Shekou, Nanshan
Dedicated to a Goddess of the Sea who is also the Empress of Heaven. She is a uniquely Chinese figure. The temple is about one hour from where I live in Shenzhen, Guangdong. I have visited it several times, and expect to visit it frequently. This page will be updated whenever I see something worth adding.
Note: Starting on that page, there are numerous pages about the temple.  Please explore!
Guan Gong Temple, Nantou, Nanshan
This ancient temple is dedicated to a "historical" figure from the famous Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He is also a fierce warrior, and a guardian of Buddhist dharma; as such, he is often found in front of Buddhist temples. Here, however, the worship is not Buddhist, but rather "folk devotion." 
Lamasery Replica, Folk Cultural Villages (Splendid China), Nanshan
Not a real lamasery, but an amazing simulation! This theme-park-style Tibetan temple has the advantage of being close to home, and photography is allowed inside. It will have to do 'til I visit Tibet itself.
Chen Yang Hao Miao, Xia Sha, Futian
Although this temple almost surely dates back to the Ming Dynasty, the current building was "renovated" (probably from the ground up) in 1994.  It is now surrounded by high-rises in one of Shenzhen's oldest and most prosperous villages.
San Sheng Miao, Meilin, Futian
This is probably Shenzhen's newest temple.  The friend who showed it to me said it had probably been built around September of 2004!  But there is evidence of much older folk devotion there.
A-Mi-To-Fo "Temple," Dong Hu (East Lake) Park, Luohu
If it looks like a temple...I'm not really sure if this is a temple or a replica of one, but it's filled with statues, and there's incense to be lit in front of them.  So I guess, in this temple-poor atmosphere, we'll have to count it!
Hong Fa Temple, Xian Hu (Fairy Lake), Luohu
This "showcase temple" was built just over a decade ago in a public park; although its "legend" claims longevity, there is little evidence that its foundation pre-dates the 1990's. Nevertheless, it is an outstanding example of temple architecture, and it also has numerous fine Buddhist figures.


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