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Hong Fa, Shenzhen:

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 A fine hall for
The Sleeping (Dying) Buddha

The so-called "Sleeping Buddha" is actually an image of the Buddha at the time of his death.  Having attained Nirvana (enlightenment) at the age of 35, he stayed around until 80 to teach.  At that point he "entered final Nirvana"--he died, never to return, having escaped the round of suffering in this world.  "Sleeping Buddha" figures commemorate this moment.

As one descends from the level of the Buddha Hall or Scripture Repository, one passes the Dining Hall before reaching the Sleeping Buddha Hall.  From the Dining Hall level, one can also see that there is a covered area behind the Sleeping Buddha Hall, containing discarded statues.

About the photos: All photos on this page are copyright 2005 by James Baquet

The Front of the Sleeping Buddha Hall

The Sleeping Buddha

The Dining Hall

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