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Hong Fa, Shenzhen:

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 A grand gateway and
the first interior courtyard

The Main Gateway, called The Mountain Gate, is the official threshold between the Profane world outside and the Sacred world inside the temple.  As such, it is imposing in itself.  Furthermore, it is guarded--at this temple on the inside--by two large, fierce figures, Ha (mouth opened) and Heng (mouth closed).  These originated with the sounds O and M which, when their yin and yang are joined, create the universal sound OM.  Going between yin and yang, or past desire (mouth opened) and fear (mouth closed), takes you to the Buddha.

Also on this level are gift shops and a meeting hall.

About the photos: All photos on this page are copyright 2005 by James Baquet

Three close shots of the Main Gate (composited)

The Outside of the Main Gate
from the bottom of the stairs

The Inside of the Main Gate
from the next level up

The central portal of the Main Gate

Flowers for sale at Main Gate

Ha: The "O" Gate Guardian

Heng: The "M" Gate Guardian

The Heavenly Kings Hall seen from the Gate level

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