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Hong Fa, Shenzhen:

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 A large Courtyard and
a beautiful Screen Wall

The idea of the Screen Wall is widespread in China.  It is related to ideas of feng shui, about the "power lines" of good and bad luck.

On a more practical level, the wall in may situations provides privacy from the street.  And certainly a wall as attractive as this one adds to the atmosphere of the site it "protects."

The large courtyard may seem odd to the visitor on a quiet day.  At holiday time, however, it's usefulness is clearly seen.  On my New Year visit, there was even a police box placed in the courtyard!

About the photos: All photos on this page are copyright 2005 by James Baquet

The Screen Wall from the Outside

The Screen Wall from the Front Gate level

Screen Wall - Inside (Detail)

Screen Wall - Outside (Detail)

The Main Gate as seen from the Courtyard

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