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Another "fake" temple in Shenzhen

 Ground plan of this temple
to be added soon


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Name: Unknown; the only signs simply say "Amitofo," the name of the Amitabha Buddha 
Main figure/s: The central figure is Shakyamuni, the Historic Buddha; numerous others are here, especially in the bas reliefs
Other figures: Details to be added soon! 
"History":   Absolutely unknown.  The "temple" is located in a children's area of Dong Hu Park in eastern Shenzhen; the overall feeling is more like Disneyland than like a temple
Description:   The exterior of the building is meant to simulate a small hill, with the front door (above) being the opening to a cave.  Inside, plaster has been used to appear like carved, painted stone.  The large figure of Amitabha Buddha (Amitofo) in the doorway ensures Stygian darkness in the interior
Festival/s:   unknown
Additional features: Details to be added soon! 
Getting there:   Dong Hu (East Lake) Park is served by numerous buses; the 468 passes the south entry to the park on its return route from Hong Fa Temple. 
Also in the area: Dong Hu Park is huge, with a lake, a mountain to climb, and numerous planted areas.  The "temple" is in a sort of Buddhistic-theme-park-statuary area.
About the photos: All photos on this page are copyright 2005 by James Baquet


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There's a lot of study to be done here (even a "fake" temple can be instructive).


IMG_3312.JPG (186726 bytes) IMG_3327.JPG (168932 bytes)
Front Door Amitabha Buddha (Amitofo) screens light entering the Hall/Cave


IMG_3314.JPG (132599 bytes) IMG_3326.JPG (128175 bytes)
Shakyamuni on Main Altar Note numerous Arhats on either side


IMG_3315.JPG (153137 bytes) IMG_3318.JPG (154039 bytes)
To the left of the Main Altar:
Guardian and Samantabhadra Bodhisattva
 (Pu Hsien Pusa)
To the right of the Main Altar:
Guardian and Manjusri Bodhisattva
(Wen Shu Pusa)


IMG_3320.JPG (128004 bytes) IMG_3325.JPG (130651 bytes)
There's a Sleeping Buddha in this panel... ...and another in this one


IMG_3323.JPG (147288 bytes) IMG_3324.JPG (139697 bytes)
Fresco; figures as yet unidentified Fresco; figures as yet unidentified




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