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Tian Hou, Chiwan:

 Sixteen abandoned figures in one of the Gate Rooms

The two rooms in Tian Hoiu Miao's Main Gate are used as storage for statues that are no longer wanted (see Donated Deities for more on this custom, and pictures of more of this temple's statues).

Sixteen of the eighteen arhats are represented here.  Although there are only sixteen in some traditions, given that Number 5 is with a tiger, and Number 13 with a dragon, and that "The Dragon-Subduing Arhat" and "The Tiger-Taming Arhat" are generally the additions to the original sixteen, it seems likely that this was a set of eighteen, with two missing.

I have not identified these figures.  They are carved from wood.  The iconography generally seems to be that of the figures at Hsi Lai Temple, in contrast to the images inside the Main Hall.

They are shown in no particular order, as they seem to be moved frequently.  Please forgive the quality; they were shot "on-site," close-up and with a hand-held camera!

About the photos: All photos on this page are copyright 2005 by James Baquet

Number 1: Cudapanthaka?

Number 2: [unidentified]

Number 3: Subinda

Number 4: Angaja

Number 5: "The Tiger Taming Arhat"

Number 6: [unidentified]

Number 7: [unidentified]

Number 8: Pindola

Number 9: Panthaka (one arm missing)

Number 10: Rahula?

Number 11: Jivaka

Number 12: Vanavasin

Number 13: "The Dragon Subduing Arhat"

Number 14: Nagasena

Number 15: Kalika

Number 16: Kanakabharavaja

Three figures remain unidentified; two are missing.  Here are the five candidates for the unidentified figures:

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