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Tian Hou, Chiwan:

Please note: Other than the main image, virtually everything in this temple has been moved or replaced in the less-than-one-year's time that I have been going there.  The plan above and the photos below were confirmed on a February 19, 2005, visit, though some of the photos were shot before that date.

All significant items above are picture here, except the Eighteen Arhats, who have their own page.

About the photos: All photos on this page are copyright 2005 by James Baquet

Tian Hou, the Main Image
(a painting in the museum)

The Offering Table

Left side: Sales Counters and Arhats

Right side: Sales Counters and Arhats

Shun Feng Er, "Favorable Wind Ears"

Chien Li Yen, "Thousand League Eyes"

Jade Girl

Golden Boy

Serving Girl (left)

Serving Girl (right)

Cai Shen

Guan Yin

Seated Tian Hou Processional Figure

A Fortune Teller

Tian Hou's Old Bed and Bedset

Tian Hou's Newer Bed and Bedset

My Friends on the Temple Staff

A Staff Member Makes An Offering
You can learn more about these figures, and the use of the bed, on the not-yet-finished "Tian Hou" page

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