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Shun Feng Er & Chien Li Yen 

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Attendants to Tian Hou

From Tian Hou Temple, Chiwan

Names: Shun Feng Er (Shun Fung Yi) meaning "Favourable Wind Ears" and Chien Li Yen (Chin Lei Ngan) meaning "Thousand League Eyes"
Attributes: The ability to see and hear at great distances, used to help Tian Hou.
"History": This two are said to have been the ruthless generals Kao Ming and Kao Chuch, treacherous brothers in the Shang Dynasty.  Having died in a battle on Peach Blossom Mountain, they remained and haunted the place.  Tian Hou (Matzu) passed through there one day, and the brothers began to vie for her affection.  To get rid of them, Tian Hou gave them this challenge: she would fight them, and, if they won, marry one of them.  But if she won, they would have to serve her forever.

She won, and they serve her still, looking and listening for those who need her help.

Description:   Shun Feng Er has his hand to his ear, is usually brown or red, and is usually to the left as one faces Tian Hou.  Chien Li Yen is easily recognized by the hand shielding his eyes from the sun; his face is usually green, and he is often to the right of the altar.  However, placement and colors may be reversed; it is the hands that are the absolute keys.
Found at: Mainly in Tian Hou temples, on either side of the offering tables.
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