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A Guide to the Gods and Goddesses, Bodhisattvas and Buddhas, ancestors and great historical figures revered in Chinese temples


This page is very much still in formation.  Names will be added frequently; the pages they link to will take longer.
Until more is finished, please see An Honor Roll of Worthies; this leads to pages found in An Ascent of Hsi Lai Pilgrimage.  Ultimately, this page will replace the Honor Roll, as more and more figures get their own pages.

The Figures 

18 Arhats: China's "Lohan," the enlightened disciples of the Buddha
Chien Li Yen and Shun Feng Er: Attendants to Tian Hou, Mother Goddess of the Sea
Donated Deities: A page of pictures of statues left at temples
Fu Lu Shou: The gods of Blessings, Prosperity, and Longevity
Guan Yu: A "folk" God of War, and a Buddhist protector bodhisattva
Hou Wang: Also styled "Yang Hao," a local Hong Kong hero
Men Shen: Guardians of the Door

Tu Di Gong:

The "Earth God"


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