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August 27, 2004


My pal Justin is now working at The Standard, "Greater China's Business Newspaper." Not only is he an editor, but he occasionally writes for The Weekend Standard (a less-business-oriented edition), in a section called Spectrum.

This is a great view into life in Hong Kong, a microcosm of East-meets-West.  Pull down the Spectrum window and browse away.

And if you get there soon, you can read about ME.  (A little.)  Justin wrote about a visit we made to a temple called Wong Tai Sin, where he had his fortune read.  Look for "Fortune Cookies" in the 8-14-2004 edition.  It won't last forever, so look soon.  And if you look closely enough, you'll see "The Temple Guy" mentioned.  I've finally broken into the Hong Kong press!

Justin gets his fortune told

Ultimately, I'll be doing a page on Wong Tai Sin--and every other temple in Hong Kong--so stay tuned.


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