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Deep Asia:


life in a special zone

NEW: The Shenzhen Page!

The "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone" is special in other ways, too

Created specifically as an experiment in capitalism, Shenzhen is also a laboratory for the study of clashing cultures, and the conflict between old values and new. This section of The Temple Guy will take a close look at this transitional Zone.

Note: for areas in Longgang and Bao'an--that is, in Shenzhen but outside of the Special Economic Zone--please see the China pages.


Glimpses: Little Encounters with Shenzhen

The News:

Deng Xiaoping, Father of Shenzhen: A 100th Birthday Tribute

COBRA?!  (snakes in the local area)



The Holy Places of Shenzhen (My first temple page)


Expat Resources:

You and Your Uncle (information for Americans in China)

Spectrum: Life South of the Border (on-line local interest articles from Hong Kong)


Reflections on Expat Life:

Two Poems by Kipling (cross-culture and the adventurous spirit)



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