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Deep Asia:


Life in a Special Zone

The Holy Places of Shenzhen

September 3, 2004


Today's entry on Life in the Zone is not an essay at all.  It is, rather, three pages of information on one of the three temples in Shenzhen.

They say the first is always the hardest; I hope that's true, because the learning curve was mighty steep in the creation of this trio of pages.  Nevertheless, at long last, here they are:

Guan Gong Temple in Nantou, and the neighboring Xinan Old City and Zhong Shan Park.  These are a ten-minute bus ride from the Polytechnic, and I visit as often as I can.

Many, many more temple pages are already being designed; keep watching!

(Note: This was originally posted as part of a blog.  The pages are in the Temples: Mi-le-fo section of The Temple Guy.  If you check there regularly, you are likely to find pages on other temples as well.)


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