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Deep Asia

The religion, history, literature, and art of China and Japan

NEW: The Shenzhen Page!

Life in a Special Zone

The "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone" is special in other ways, too.  Created specifically as an experiment in capitalism, Shenzhen is also a laboratory for the study of clashing cultures, and the conflict between old values and new. This section of The Temple Guy will take a close look at this transitional Zone.


China: Life in the Middle Kingdom

These pages contain information on Chinese cultural sites that are not specifically temples (though many contain temples).  Since I have not yet traveled beyond the confines of Shenzhen, the pages you currently find here are limited to Shenzhen but outside of "The Zone"--that is, Longang and Bao'an Districts.


Japan: Life in the Land of the Rising Sun

Although this area remains undeveloped you can find a huge amount of material about Japan in my Aki Meguri pages.


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