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Life in the Middle Kingdom

Hakka Houses, Longgang:

Hehu New Dwelling

November 7, 2004

Hehu (Crane Lake) was the first Hakka house we visited.  As described in the book Hakka Enclosed Houses:

Located at Luoruihe village in Longgang town and built in 1817, Crane Lake New Dwelling is the ancestral house of the Luos which occupies an area of 2.5 hectares in Longgang.  The structure is comprised of "three central structures and two horizontal houses" which are separated by walls.  Inside the walls are found houses, halls, rooms and wells which are scattered evenly apart and well preserved.  Crane Lake New Dwelling is the largest Hakka dwelling building in our country [?] and is now the primary focus for the protection of cultural relics in Shenzhen.

(I am not sure whether by "country" they mean China, the province of Guangdong, the city of Shenzhen, or the district of Longgang.)

The pamphlet from the site gives its dimensions as:

165.9 meters (about 539 feet) across the front

111.6 meters (about 341 feet) across the rear (a trapezoid, not square)

104 meters (about 338 feet) deep (front-to-rear distance)

14,432 square meters (about 1366 square feet) in area

This same pamphlet states that the village contains more than 300 rooms.

Another homepage explains, "once the last residents had moved out, it became deserted. In 1996, the government of Longgang Town decided to turn it into a museum dedicated to the Hakka folk customs."  The fact that Hehu is now a museum had plusses and minuses: although it was "dead" (other than for some staff in residence), we could poke into the rooms at will--something we couldn't do at Dawan Dwelling later that same day.

Float your cursor over these pictures for a description; click on them to see larger versions.

The Main Gate (exterior) The Main Gate (interior) The "Moon Pool" across from the Main Gate
The Main Gate

 A bird's-eye view of the village The first courtyard had posters of famous Hakka on one wall Note the white painted square around the 2nd-floor window?  You can find it in the enlarged photo, too.
Overviews and the First Courtyard

The foreigners made a beeline for the unrestored area of the village... ...to the consternation of a Chinese tour group... ...but it was so much more picturesque!
In the Off-limits Area

Left-rear guard tower Typical Hakka carving over the lintel; Keri under the lintel An "impluvium" (rain catch-basin)

-- -- The posters are a typical Hakka feature

Jars for winemaking A press for sugar cane A kitchen

An altar to Cai Shen, God of Wealth; and perhaps (right) Guan Yu, God of War?  Cai Shen, God of Wealth, on left; Mao, God of Communism, on right.  Thanks to Ben for pointing this one out. A staff living area
 Signs of Life

 Palanquin Keri shows how it works
A Marriage Palanquin

A small courtyard A deserted room The Luo Ancestral Hall
Various Areas

I had a fifteen-minute romance with the waitress where we had lunch.  It fell apart due to cultural differences, but it was nice while it lasted.
 My Latest Fling

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