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July 2004

Thursday, July 29, 2004
The Barefoot Fool IS The Temple Guy 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters, I am pleased to announce the impending arrival of a BRAND NEW BLOG. 

But not here. I mean, I won't announce it here. But it WILL be here, next week. 

First, you should go read my FINAL blog at The Barefoot Fool, where the announcement will be made. 

Then, perhaps, read "In Memoriam."

My first "real" entry will be sometime after August 1st, from Japan. And it will probably be September before the "archives" links at the right are fully functional. Until then, the old BFF site will remain on line. 

One more thing: That silly little "Test" message below? Blogger will not enable certain features (such as previewing changes in the HTML of the template) until one post has been made. So I made an entry which, while not particularly clever, will forever be notable as the shortest entry (with the shortest comments) I've ever made. I made it "on the sly," or so I thought; wouldn't you know it: PRINCE ROY FOUND IT! He was (as you can see on that post) the first to "comment," as he was on every blog I have ever made. 

So I'm leaving it as a tribute to his perspicacity (I can almost hear the electronic dictionaries being turned on all over East Asia!) 

Next stop: Japan. 

posted by The Temple Guy at 7/29/2004 1 comments 

Prince Roy said...

It's more a damning comment on the state of my own life that I 'found it', rather than perspicacity. I'll miss the Barefoot Fool. It's catchier than 'The Temple Guy', but I suppose we'll all grow into it...7/30/2004


Friday, July 23, 2004


posted by The Temple Guy at 7/23/2004 2 comments 

Prince Roy said...

First!  7/27/2004  

The Temple Guy said...

Again!  7/27/2004




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