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The Temple Guy(.com) is dead! Long live the Temple Guy(.org)!
Well, not dead, exactly, but... Read more about it!



Yet another now-defunct blog from The Temple Guy!

Sooner or later, I'm going to get this right!

I launched The Temple Gate in early August of 2004, as part of an overall plan to get out of the Earthlink/Trellix world and into Blogger and my own site.  The "my own site" part has worked out great ($6.95 U.S. for the forst three months, and about $60 for the year, at SurfSpeedy).  But Blogger has been a big disappointment.

This caused me to think deeply: Wither The Temple Guy?  And I realized that I am not as interested in blogging as I am in page-building.  If I ever hit the road again, I may blog, but as long as I am using my own computer, with FrontPage, PhotoShop, and other inappropriately capitalized programs, it's probably smarter for me to just post a letter from time to time (to keep folks updated) and to keep a running list of new pages posted.  That should keep me busy.

So, in the interest of history, here is a list of my old The Temple Gate entries; please read about my slightly-longer-lived The Barefoot Fool, too.

Goodbye, blogging, hello: The UNBLOG!


The old header:

This is the new home for the blog of the man widely-known as "The Barefoot Fool."

Like that blog, this one will continue to chronicle "the mental and geographical wanderings of a seeker after wisdom and foolishness"--but with a greater emphasis on matters of ultimate importance, while retaining a fair dose of monkeyshines.


PLEASE NOTE: I have not attempted to reproduce the style of the original here.  I have also omitted the links to the Gate entries, as these can now be found in the Article indices starting here.    Or Search The Temple Guy.  The old Gate entries are kept for historical interest only.  (Someday I may add the links, but definitely not now.)

July 2004

  • One brief pre-launch entry, where I already start whining about Blogger.  An intimation of things to come.

August 2004: In Tokyo, and back home launching The Gate

September 2004: The first and last issues of The Temple Gate (a weekly)



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