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The Temple Guy(.com) is dead! Long live the Temple Guy(.org)!
Well, not dead, exactly, but... Read more about it!



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In Memoriam:

The Barefoot Fool

January, 2004 - July, 2004


It was fun while it lasted.

In the midst of frantic preparations for my move to China, I signed up for a Blogger-powered blog--and then discovered that Blogspot, Blogger's "free" site, was not freely accessible in China.

Casting about for another "free" service, I discovered that my mother had 70MB of unused space sitting on her Earthlink account that I could use for...free.

But in recent months, I've decided that I need more.  So as of August 1st, this blog was discontinued, and replaced by The Temple Guy: A Blog.  [Since then that blog, too, has been discontinued.  Find out why here.]  At the time of its demise, The Fool had attracted around 3,500 visits (most of them made by my real-world friend Prince Roy).

Another factor in the heave-ho of this blog was the other sites spawned during The Fool's tenure.  Mi-le-fo, One Good Shot, and James Baquet all have been re-born, and can be found starting at Temples, Buckets of Light, and James Baquet, Teacher respectively.

This page serves as a guide to "What Was There."

Here is the "front" material from the old blog:



...the mental and geographical wanderings of a seeker after wisdom and foolishness (not always necessarily in that order). Why "barefoot"? To celebrate the connection between the earth and its people. Why "fool"? Because fools are wise, and the wise are foolish. (Besides, if you knew me you wouldn't have to ask.)

New to blog-reading?  Entries are viewed in reverse chronological order--most recent first.  So if you want to read the entire story from the beginning, you'll have to scroll to the bottom of the page and read up day-by-day.  Or, to read the archives, you'll need to click on the earliest one first.

I look forward to reading your comments on The Fool's Forum [since defunct].  Click the "Start a New Discussion" button to begin a new topic; or, while viewing an existing message, click the "Respond to this Message" button to add to the discussion.  Remember, this is for everyone to read; private messages can be communicated by clicking the e-mail link at the bottom of the page.  (I apologize for the unsightliness of the ads on the Forum; but that's why I was able to get it as a "free" service!)


Here are the Archives of the blog:

January, 2004
February, 2004
March, 2004
April, 2004
May, 2004
July, 2004

In addition to the blog, there was a total of ten other pages on the site.  On the Navigation Bar were:


And the seven pages located on The Fool's Gate were:

Shenzhen Life

Hsi Lai Temple

New Year's Parties: Outdoor activities (Lion and Dragon Dance, etc.); Staff Party 2003 and Neighborhood Parties 2003 and 2004


And that's it for the blog-related pages.  Of course I produced much more in these months, especially on Mi-le-fo, but that will be found elsewhere at The Temple Guy.

Thanks for following along, and please stay with me: there's much more to come.


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