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New Year's at Hsi Lai Temple

Indoor Parties in the Chinese New Year's Season, 2003 and 2004

In addition to the outdoor festivities, Hsi Lai Temple hosts a number of other activities around the New Year season.  One of these is the Neighborhood Party; as the Temple is located in a residential area, this is a chance to say "Thanks" to the neighbors, as well as to Temple volunteers.  This year (2004) I attended with my parents; I have also included a few pictures from 2003.

There are also numerous parties for staff and other Temple associates.  Last year, as a member of the staff, I was privileged to attend such an event.

You can also see pictures of outdoor activities in 2003.



A room full of New Year's Cheer

Temple Staff Party 2003  

My beloved abbot Ven. Hui Chuan sings


The spread at my table


The buffet of hot-pot ingredients (and two dear friends)


Nuns and lay people dining together


Monkey and Pig from a "Journey to the West" puppet show (2003)

Neighborhood Party 2004
(2003 where noted)

Venerables Jue Duo, Jue Wei, and Chueh Huang at the 2004 Neighborhood Party


"Crane and Turtle" (Heaven and Earth) shadow puppets (2003)


A Chinese zither performance in front of the Laughing Buddha


Children fly as they perform


Young acrobatic dancer with her biggest fan


My dad holds up his red envelope

Part of the celebration involves the giving of gifts, including "Red Envelopes" with good luck tokens (here including a quarter!) and "Red Scrolls" bearing messages.  This year's scroll from the Temple bears Master Hsing Yun's calligraphy reading "Be Carefree in Body and Mind."


Ven. Jue Wei hands out New Year's scrolls

More New Year's Activities at Hsi Lai Temple



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