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Around the World with Hailan

When Hailan and I were first together, she lived here in China, and I was over in America.  We often daydreamed together--by phone and e-mail--about our future.  One scenario, of course, included marriage.  It was then that she told me that the Chinese government wanted to see evidence of a fairly long, stable relationship before granting a license.  One proof, she said, would be pictures of the happy couple at various times and places.

When I was coming to visit her last Spring, I was trying to think of an extremely personalized gift.  And then it struck me: I had only one photo of us together, taken on a beach in Southern California; but through the magic of Photoshop 5.0, I would turn that one picture into a world tour!  This would be a mock-proof of the "endurance" of our relationship.

As a tribute for her birthday, I reproduce those pictures here, without further commentary. 




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