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Perhaps you came here expecting to find The Temple Gate, or even The Barefoot Fool.  Both of these  former blogs are now defunct.  (So why did I quit blogging?  Read about it.)

Instead of a blog, please read A Letter from James, a regular feature regarding my recent activities.

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April, 2005

These pages were actually finished in March, but because of my computer woes I forgot to tell you!

A page on Li Shizhen, Chinese medical pioneer notified 4/2/05

Something on the Chinese attitude toward luck: The Road of the Fortune Tellers notified 4/2/05

A scary picture published on Chinese New Year's Eve in the Shenzhen Economic Daily notified 4/2/05

March, 2005:

Lots of new pages on Shenzhen Temples!

In addition to updates to the Guan Gong Temple, Nantou, page (addition of thumbnails), I created a lot of new temple pages.  They have been finished for weeks, just waiting for my new cable connection so I could upload them.  So here they are!

A complex of pages about the Tian Hou Temple, Chiwan.  In addition to the main page, read about:

Also, I've added a page on the nearby Song Shao Di Mu, the tomb of "the last Song Emperor."

Next read about one of Shenzhen's two "fake" temples, the Lamasery in the Folk Culture Villages.  I've also written two brief pages about the place where the "Lamasery" is located:

Shenzhen's newest temple is the San Sheng Gong, dating back to late 2005.

The Amitofo "Temple" in Dong Hu Park is Shenzhen's other "fake" temple.  I still need to do a page on the park itself, and there's plenty of research left to be done on the "temple" itself.

The first temple I visited in China is the magnificent Hong Fa Temple, Shenzhen's only Buddhist establishment (the others are "folk religion").  It deserves multiple visits.  What I have posted here is just a first effort of what will be a major project.  In addition to the main page, read about: 

That should keep you busy for a while!  The pages are probably less-than-perfect.  Please let me know if you find typos, broken links, etc.

One more thing: I recently discovered another temple in Shenzhen, which will be added soon.  And it opens the possibility that there are more!  So keep checking back!

February, 2005:

More figures:

  • Tu Di Gong, The "Earth God", and

  • Hou Wang, also styled "Yang Hao," a local Hong Kong hero added 2/19/05

And one temple:

  • Chen Yang Hao Miao, dedicated to one late-Song general and one complete unknown added 2/19/05

I've begun working on revisions to, and expansion of, the pages dedicated to individual figures in Chinese temples, which will ultimately replace the Honor Roll pages.  The older page is based on information in the Ascent of Hsi Lai Temple pilgrimage; the new pages will be more general.  Please check out the revised 18 Arhats (Lohan) page, and the all new Fu Lu Shou page.  added 2/18/05

At long last:  I have spent four weeks of a five-week vacation revising an old website for inclusion here.  I undertook my Aki Meguri ("Autumn Journey"), a 10-week trek through the heart of Old Japan, in the Fall of 2001.  I walked down the 400-year-old Tokaido Highway from Tokyo to Kyoto, stopped in at spectacular sites in the Yamato region, then did the 88-temple pilgrimage on Shikoku.  You can read some historical background regarding the logistics of the trip, and, especially, see the Words and Pictures pages created along the way. There are also special indexes for the Logbook pages and Journal entries, and an alphabetical listing of locations visited.  Be warned: the entire site is comprised of about 185 pages! Also, pleased be advised: the site is still in "Beta." I am still re-reading pages for errors, adding links, and especially testing existing links.  If you find any problems, please use the "Write to the Temple Guy" link at the bottom of each page to let me know!  added 2/13/05

February, 2005 (!): Unbelievable, I know, but some added pages at last.

An article written early last year, The Legend of Emon Saburo added 2/9/05

A Letter that contains my "State of the Sojourn Address" added 2/6/05

A picture of my new friend Maggie added 2/6/05

November, 2004: In addition to the Letter, please take a look at new pages added to The Temple Guy (note that items created prior to November 2004 can be accessed from The Temple Guy main page or the Sitemap):

An updated Letter (All Letters) added 11/16/04

The Shenzhen Central Library in Life in a Special Zone added 11/16/04

An updated Letter (All Letters) added 11/10/04

New Figures pages in Mi-le-fo: Men Shen ("Door Gods") and Shun Feng Er and Chien Li Yen, Tian Hou's Guardians added 11/10/04

A new page on Dapeng Fortress, and a revision to the Dapeng page in  Friends.  Also, pages on two temples at Dapeng Fortress: Tian Hou Temple and Tu Di Shrine added 11/10/04

A bunch of pages about my first visit to Hakka houses in Longgang: an introductory page; something on Hakka history; information on several villages from the book Hakka Enclosed Houses; and picture pages for the visits to Hehu (Crane Lake) New Dwelling and Dawan Dwelling with teachers on November 6 added 11/10/04

Updates to the Holy Humor and Linkin' Log pages, and a special tribute to Bishop Simeon, one of my main sources of really really good links added 11/3/04

Added Glimpses, new page on Little Encounters with Shenzhen, in Life in a Special Zone added 11/3/04

Four Titans of Perennialism, Part 5: Joseph Campbell and the Right Reading of Myth in Of This and That (Essays on Religion) added 11/3/04

Two Poems by Kipling in Life in a Special Zone added 11/2/04

"Saint Mickey D" at Sacred Sights added 10/31/04

A Letter from James: October, 2004 added 10/31/04

Da Peng (10/4/2004) in Friends added 10/31/04

Changes made after September 10, but before this "What's New?" page goes into effect (during the revamp):

The Sitemap

A new section called Friends, with pictures of social activities,including:

Two temple lists were added in the Hong Kong Temple Project pages:

The entire One Good Shot collection was moved off of Earthlink and onto this site, and Buckets of Light was upgraded.

An entirely new section, "Aunt Til's Kids," was created for my family.  It is password protected; read more about the page and access here.

A top page was made for Furudera, the Japan temples site (but remains to be developed)

The Life in a Special Zone pages about Shenzhen were moved into the new Deep Asia section; China and Japan pages will be added in the future

In addition to all of this, numerous infrastructural changes were made to existing pages, with the idea of easier navigation in mind.  A webpage is almost a living, organic thing, and grows according to its own rules.  I have attempted to bring some order into this chaos that is referred to by one friend, not as my webpage, but as my "extravaganza."



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