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a letter from james

The Lazy Man's Substitute for E-mail

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Letter archives:

February, 2005:

February 6: My "State of the Sojourn Address" 


November, 2004:

November 16: A new job; a visit to the library; a trip to Hong Kong; Gary's back!

November 7: Uncommon medicine for the common cold; my first visit to Hakka houses

October, 2004: A catch-up letter

September, 2004

September 10: Some details on the shaping up of my schedule for the next few months.

September 3: The end of summer, as the Fall schedule kicks into gear

August, 2004

August 27: A week even less exciting than the last one? Impossible! And yet...

August 20: This week, I tell about my return from Tokyo; some books I bought at the airport; a surprise at the ATM; and laying low the rest of the week.


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