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I've written a lot of stuff in my life--and barely published any of it.  My manuscripts have been languishing, some of them for years, inside my computer.

So here you will find papers I've written, especially those for religion classes; chapters for never-completed books; and even a short story or two.  Many of them will be downloadable in Microsoft Word format (so I don't have to format them for the net).

A Letter from James

Call it the "un-blog."  It's a way to let everyone know what I'm doing, without writing a million e-mails.  (Blogging is great if you can't do html, or if you're on the road; but as long as I'm sitting at my computer, this is the best way for me.)

Life in a Special Zone

NEW: The Shenzhen Page!

Although it's technically part of my "Deep Asia" pages, the Shenzhen section is one of my most active, so I've listed it here, too.

"Of This and That"

Most of my writings center around religious issues.  I use the term "This" to indicate the things of this world, and "That" to indicate the unseen.  Religion, then, is simply the study of the relationship between "This" and "That,"  hence the title.

The Hot Seat

From time to time people send questions; here's where I try to give answers.

The Temple Guy's Got Mail

You never know what the day's mail will bring.  I post interesting letters--and sometimes my responses--here.

Linkin' Log

In wandering the net, I often find stuff that I think you might find interesting. Find it here.  (Some of it also comes via my Tokyo correspondent, "Bishop" Simeon.

Holy Humor

Laughter is the best theology!  I sometimes find funny stuff that "makes you think," and I keep it here.

A Calendar of Sacred Events

My most time-intensive project, the Calendar is now dormant as I re-vamp the site.  But check out what I was doing, and I hope to resume by the start of 2005--a new year!


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