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Aki Meguri


A Gallery of the Architecture
of the 88 Temples

As the only illustrated English-language homepage giving extensive on-the-spot coverage to the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage [or at least it was at the time!], we feel an obligation to provide some documentation both for those who haven't done the pilgrimage and want to know what it looks like, and for those who have and want a shot of natsukashi (nostalgia).

Therefore, I am providing these pages with views of all of the temples' front gates, hondos (main halls), and Daishidos (Daishi halls), where possible.  (I try to shoot at least these three structures at every temple, but "Even monkeys fall from trees"--anyone can make a mistake.)

I have separated the temples in groups of four to decrease download time; still, these are pages of 12 pictures each, so patience may be required.

Warning: these are documentation, not art.  Sometimes the light sucks; sometimes the weather is bad; sometimes there's just no good angle, or a bus in the way, or too many people.  It's a homepage, not a coffee table book, and I only have one chance to shoot, so please forgive me.

Temples 1-4: Ryozenji, Gokurakuji, Konsenji, Dainichiji

Temples 5-8: Jizoji, Anrakuji, Jurakuji, Kumadaniji

Temples 9-12: Korinji, Kirihatiji, Fujiidera, Shozanji

Temples 13-16: Dainichiji, Jorakuji, Kokubunji, Kannonji

Temples 17-20: Idoji, Onzanji, Tatsueji, Kakurinji

Temples 21-24: Tairyuji, Byodoji, Yakuoji, Hotsu-misakiji

Temples 25-28: Shinshoji, Kongochoji, Konomineji, Dainichiji

Temples 29-32: Kokubunji, Zenrakuji, Chikurinji, Zenjibuji

Temples 33-36: Sekkeiji, Tanemaji, Kiyotakiji, Shoryuji

Temples 37-40: Iwamotoji, Kongo-fukuji, Enkoji, Kanjizaiji

Temples 41-44: Ryukoji, Butsumokuji, Meisekiji, Taihoji

Temples 45-48: Iwayaji, Joruriji, Yasakaji, Sairinji

Temples 49-52: Jodoji, Hantaji, Ishiteji, Taisanji

Temples 53-56: Emmyoji, Emmeiji, Nankoboji, Taisanji

Temples 57-60: Eifukuji, Senyuji, Kokubunji, Yokomineji

Temples 61-64: Koonji, Hojuji, Kisshoji, Maegamiji

Temples 65-68: Sankakuji, Unpenji, Daikoji, Jinne-in

Temples 69-72: Kannonji, Motoyamaji, Iyadaniji, Mandaraji

Temples 73-76: Shushakaji, Koyamaji, Zentsuji, Konzoji

Temples 77-80: Doryuji, Goshoji, Koshoin, Kokubunji

Temples 81-84: Shiramineji, Negoroji, Ichinomiyaji, Yashimaji

Temples 85-88: Yakuriji, Shidoji, Nagaoji, Okuboji

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