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Aki Meguri

Journal Index

Here is an index to the journal entries in each logbook for the Old Tokaido and Yamato portions of the Aki Meguri.

By Date

The Old Tokaido Section

September 6th, 2001(Thursday): Shinagawa to Kawasaki

September 7th, 2001(Friday): Kawasaki to Hodogaya September 9th, 2001(Sunday): Hodogaya to Totsuka September 10th, 2001(Monday): Totsuka to (almost) Chigasaki September 12th, 2001(Wednesday): From 1 ri before Chigasaki to Ninomiya (between Oiso and Odawara). September 14th, 2001(Friday): From Odawara to Moto-Hakone  September 15th, 2001(Saturday): From Moto-Hakone to (almost) Mishima September 16th, 2001(Sunday): From (almost) Mishima to Hara. September 17th, 2001(Monday): From Hara to somewhere in Yoshiwara. September 18th, 2001 (Tuesday): From somewhere in Yoshiwara to past Yui September 19th, 2001(Wednesday): From Yui (Satta Pass) to somewhere past Ejiri (Shimizu). September 20th, 2001(Thursday): From somewhere past Ejiri (Shimizu) to somewhere past Mariko. September 21st, 2001(Friday): From somewhere past Mariko to almost Shimada. September 22nd, 2001(Saturday): (Almost) Shimada to Kanaya September 23rd, 2001(Sunday): Kanaya to Kakegawa September 24th, 2001(Monday): Kakegawa to Iwata Station September 26th, 2001(Wednesday): Hamamatsu to (almost) Shirasuka September 27th, 2001(Thursday): (Almost) Shirasuka to Futagawa September 29th, 2001(Saturday): Futagawa to Past Akasaka September 30th, 2001(Sunday): Past Akasaka to Okazaki October 1st, 2001(Monday): Okazaki to (almost) Narumi October 2nd, 2001(Tuesday): (Almost) Narumi to Miya October 3rd, 2001(Wednesday): "Miya" to Past Yokkaichi October 4th, 2001(Thursday): Past Yokkaichi to (almost) Kameyama October 5th, 2001(Friday): Almost Kameyama to Almost Tsuchiyama October 6th, 2001(Saturday): Almost Tsuchiyama to Past Minakuchi October 7th, 2001(Sunday): Past Minakuchi to Past Kusatsu October 8th, 2001(Monday): Past Kusatsu to Almost Kyoto October 9th, 2001(Tuesday): Almost Kyoto to KYOTO!

The Yamato Section

October 11th, 2001(Thursday): 

October 12th, 2001(Friday): 

By Title

American Tragedy, The (9/16)

"Are You Japanese?" (10/1)

Begging (9/10)

Body, The (9/21)

Build My Church (9/30)

Change in Technique, A (9/7)

Cheating (10/5)

Directness (10/4)

Emerging Themes (9/26)

Endings and Beginnings (10/9)

Fear (9/14)

Feet (9/10)

Fine Art of Conversation, The (9/22)

Focus Points (9/9)

Gods, The (9/17)

Home (9/19)

Honesty, Veracity, and Equanimity (9/23)

Jiriki and Tariki (10/3)

Lodgings (9/15)

Making Rain (9/9)

Maybe Bishop Berkeley was right! (9/18)

Modernization (9/29)

My Companions on the Road (9/6)

New Beginning, A (10/12)

Old Stones and the First Noble Truth (10/11)

Place of Prayer, A (9/12)

Road Ahead, The: Yamato area (10/8)

Road, The (9/20)

Secret Helpers (10/6)

Teach Your Children Well (9/12)

Tek-na-luh-jee (9/27)

Temples (10/7)

Thinking vs. Walking (9/6)

What if...? (10/2)

Youth Hostels (9/24)

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