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How to read the Aki Meguri site:

There are seven indexes to the Aki Meguri pages:

If you are interested in the background of the Aki Meguri, including the Prospectus that explained to my friends what I was doing (and how), or the Archives containing the Logbooks for the Prelude and Postlude, start at the History Index.  You can also find a section on the mechanics of the pilgrimage entitled  "To Be a Pilgrim," and a nod to the old "Connected Japan" site on which these pages were first published.

If you are interested in any one of the Three Stages of the journey, start at the Old Tokaido Index, the Yamato Index, or the Shikoku Pilgrimage Index as appropriate.

To follow the entire journey sequentially, start at the Logbook Index, or jump to the first logbook entry. You can also find locations there alphabetically.

If you are more interested in my philosophical ponderings (abbreviated as "B.S.,") start at the Journal Index.

Finally, if you prefer images to words, see the features that can be found in the Words and Pictures Index.



On September 5th, 2001, The Temple Guy took the single step that led to an epic pilgrimage of 10 weeks through the heart of Japan, predominantly on foot.  This 2,000 kilometer (1,200 mile) "Aki Meguri" (Autumn Pilgrimage) was in many ways the experience that solidified his status as "The Temple Guy."  Throughout that experience I kept a daily homepage (before I know what a "blog" was).  It was raw.  What you see here is a slightly more processed version of those daily posts.

Although the journey was a continuous 10 weeks long, it can be separated into three discreet sections.

First, I walked the historic Old Tokaido highway, a nearly 500-kilometer road created by the shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa in 1601 (I was walking in the 400th anniversary year).  The highway joined Edo (now Tokyo), the seat of the shogunate, to Kyoto, home of the Emperor.  It was punctuated by 53 stations, and my Logbook records my arrival at each one.

Next, I used public transportation and walked through parts of the Yamato area, the heart of old Japan that includes Nara, Asuka, and Mt. Koya. This was mainly "sacred tourism," a visit to some of Japan's most popular sights, including the Great Buddha of Nara.

Finally, I arrived on Shikoku.  The 88-Temple Pilgrimage there is Japanís oldest and longest.  Here my journey took on a decidedly "holy" aspect, which is reflected in the Logbook.

 As an integral part of my journey, I offered several ways for people to join me.

  • First, I was on a mission to the gods.  Like pilgrims throughout the ages, I carried my friendsí petitions and thanksgivings with me, and expressed them at appropriate places along the way.

  • Second, of course, I needed cash.  I asked friends for financial support and offered business owners the chance to consider official sponsorship.

  • Third, I asked everyone to "follow me" as I wrote and posted information along the way.  I asked them to  check in on the nuts-and-bolts logbook, and the more reflective journal, as often as possible.

  • Fourth, I asked them to stay in touch by private e-mail.

In this revised version of the old Connected Japan homepage, you can read about my "mission" and the financial aspects of the trip in the "Prospectus."  The Logbook is now spread over the Old Tokaido, Yamato, and Shikoku stages, and you can still e-mail me!


Aki Meguri Site Map



The Aki Meguri, Stage by Stage

The Old Tokaido Stage The Yamato Stage The Shikoku Stage


The Daily Logbooks, Start to Finish

Prelude Old Tokaido Yamato Shikoku Postlude

Prelude: Before the Trip

September 1st, 2001 (Saturday)

  • I posted more background information in anticipation of the trip

September 2nd, 2001(Sunday) September 3rd, 2001(Monday) September 4th, 2001(Tuesday)

The Old Tokaido Stage

September 5th, 2001(Wednesday)

  • The Route: Nippori to Nihombashi, then through Ginza to Shinagawa; also, people's reactions to my clothing, some promises of what I'll (try to) do each day, a haiku, and plenty of road stories
  • Words-and-Pictures: Ginza and Sengakuji
September 6th, 2001(Thursday) September 7th, 2001(Friday) September 8th, 2001(Saturday) September 9th, 2001(Sunday) September 10th, 2001(Monday) September 11th, 2001(Tuesday)

There will be no entry for today, because I didn't walk due to the typhoon.  I will tell you about the word "typhoon" though: it's Japanese!  Taifu is made of two Chinese characters.  The first is the opening character of "Taiwan," and the second means "wind."  So taifu means "the wind from Taiwan."

September 12th, 2001(Wednesday) September 13th, 2001(Thursday) September 14th, 2001(Friday) September 15th, 2001(Saturday) September 16th, 2001(Sunday) September 17th, 2001(Monday) September 18th, 2001 (Tuesday) September 19th, 2001(Wednesday)
  • The Route: From Yui (Satta Pass) to somewhere past Ejiri (Shimizu).
  • Words-and-Pictures: Seikenji
September 20th, 2001(Thursday)
  • The Route: From somewhere past Ejiri (Shimizu) to somewhere past Mariko.
September 21st, 2001(Friday) September 22nd, 2001(Saturday) September 23rd, 2001(Sunday) September 24th, 2001(Monday) September 25th, 2001(Tuesday) September 26th, 2001(Wednesday) September 27th, 2001(Thursday) September 28th, 2001(Friday)
  • I took a day off!  Read more about it here.

September 29th, 2001(Saturday)

September 30th, 2001(Sunday) October 1st, 2001(Monday) October 2nd, 2001(Tuesday) October 3rd, 2001(Wednesday)

October 4th, 2001(Thursday)

October 5th, 2001(Friday) October 6th, 2001(Saturday) October 7th, 2001(Sunday) October 8th, 2001(Monday) October 9th, 2001(Tuesday)

The Yamato Stage

October 10th, 2001(Wednesday)

October 11th, 2001(Thursday)

October 12th, 2001(Friday)

October 13th, 2001(Saturday)

The Shikoku Stage

October 14th (Sunday)
  • The Route: Temples 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, (06)
October 15th (Monday) October 16th (Tuesday) October 17th (Wednesday) October 18th (Thursday) October 19th (Friday) October 20th (Saturday) October 21st (Sunday) October 22nd (Monday) October 23rd (Tuesday) October 24th (Wednesday) October 25th (Thursday) October 26th (Friday) October 27th (Saturday) October 28th (Sunday) October 29th (Monday) October 30th (Tuesday) October 31st (Wednesday) November 1st (Thursday) November 2nd (Friday) November 3rd (Saturday) November 4th (Sunday) November 5th (Monday) November 6th (Tuesday) November 7th (Wednesday) November 8th (Thursday) November 9th (Friday)
  • The Route: Temples 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, Bangai
November 10th (Saturday) November 11th (Sunday) November 12th (Monday) November 13th (Tuesday) November 14th (Wednesday)

Postlude: After the Trip

November 15th  (Thursday) November 16th  (Friday) Note: The following two "Logbooks" are actually Words-and-Picture pages

November 30th and December 2nd  (Friday and Sunday)

December 3rd (Monday)




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