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Aki Meguri

History: Prospectus

Official Sponsors

[NOTE: This information was posted before my journey began.  Sponsorships are no longer available; this page remains for "historic" purposes only.]

Crisscross KK, publishers of Japan Today and Metropolis (formerly Tokyo Classified), offered promotional support and guidance beyond all expectations

Business Owners: This walk has been sponsored in part by Crisscross KK, publishers of Japan Today and Metropolis (formerly Tokyo Classified).  Japan Today is Japan’s #1 online English news source, with over two million readers this year—and 1.3 million page views a month!  Metropolis is Japan’s #1 English magazine, with a guaranteed circulation of 35,000 copies every week.

And Crisscross KK, this media Little Giant, will be helping me to promote this web page.

By sponsoring this walk, you can participate in an exciting adventure.  But you can also participate in some of the PR surrounding it.

As a Sponsor, you will receive the following courtesies:

  • A listing on this Sponsors page, with a link to your homepage
  • High-profile reminders to “Visit the Sponsor’s’ Page” throughout my site
  • Appropriate mention within the text of the Logbook, wherever possible, with a link to the sponsors page
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