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Aki Meguri

History: Prospectus

[This page described the Logbook that would record my journey.  It remains the backbone of this website]

Old Leather Book

The Logbook


As the name implies, this page will be a fairly straightforward record of:

·         Where I went

·         How I got there

·         How long it took

·         What I saw

·         Who I met and what they said

Much of this will be of use to other travelers, those who want to duplicate parts of my journey.  But there will be “road stories,” those unique anecdotes of experience that make a trip worthwhile.  (You can read one from a previous trip here.)  There will also be some historical and cultural background on the places I visit.

For a list of Logbook entries, see the top pages for the History, Old Tokaido, Yamato, and Shikoku sections.

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