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Words-and-Pictures: Yugyoji

(as seen on September 10th, 2001, on the Old Tokaido section of the Aki Meguri)

Note: Yugyoji is located in Fujisawa in Kanagawa Prefecture, which is Station #6 (from Tokyo) on the Old Tokaido Highway.  You can read about my visit to Yugyoji in my Logbook.  You may also choose to start reading about  my Tokaido journey at the beginning, or start at the top of my Aki Meguri pages.


The hondo where I said my prayers (and yours).
The lovely chujakumon gate, which bears roof tiles indicating association with, and approval by, the Imperial family.  (See the Yugyoji homepage for more.)

This statue of Ippen stands on a mound in front of the main hall.  The pose is unusually dynamic for a statue of a saint.
My new friends and benefactors

There is an excellent homepage about Yugyoji.
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