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Words-and-Pictures: Maisaka's Waki Honjin

(as seen on September 26th, 2001, on the Old Tokaido section of the Aki Meguri)

Note: Maisaka is in Shizuoka Prefecture.  It is Station #30 (from Tokyo) on the Old Tokaido Highway.  You can read about my visit to the Waki Honjin in my Logbook.  You may also choose to start reading about my Tokaido journey at the beginning, or start at the top of my Aki Meguri pages.
This Waki Honjin--or Secondary Official Inn--is elegant beyond belief.  Just look at the interiors and appointments (and compare it to the similar in at Futagawa):
There are two front doors.  The one on the right is for visitors; the one on the left opens into a dirt-floored passage leading back into the kitchen.  Since this has a back door, one can walk straight through to the back yard without removing one's shoes.  Brilliant.
Looking through the house, one sees several tatami (straw-mat-floored) rooms and an inner garden.  The cases in the second room back contain prints of the Tokaido by Hiroshige.

A well right in the kitchen; what more could one ask for?
A stand-up tub.

Not a kickboard or scooter; compare this to the modern version.
I saw something like this--made of stone and outside--at the Arai Barrier.  What could it be?

This kago was on display in a second-floor room.  A kago a day...

(Who could fit inside this, anyway?)

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