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ZEST!  The Last Hurrah of the Tequila Philosophers

(December 3rd, 2001--my last night in Japan)

Here are some photos taken during my last post-pilgrimage drinking spree, the night before (and the morning that) I left Japan and returned to America.  Not recorded are many other events of that night, such as how I ended up sleeping (chastley, fully-clothed) with one of the women pictured--and the least likely one  at that!

This page was originally meant only for the eyes of the TPC.  As time marches on, I feel more comfortable with sharing our escapades with the world at large.  But no names, please.

The Tequila Philosophers were (and occasionally still are) just what the name implies: philosophical types (read "B.S.ers") who met to do shooters.  The membership was fluid, but a few of us were the core.  And those on this page are what you might call the die-hards, including founding members and their molls.

As this is the ONLY page dedicated to the history of the T.P.C., I suggest a moment of silence.



There.  Now, it's rumored that the TPC will be riding again, in a new and revised form, at a soon-to-be-established jazz club in Shenzhen, China.  And who knows?  That may spur the revival of the Club in its native land--at a certain Canadian joint in Shibuya?


Can you spot the waitress in the second picture?  (Hint: Where's The Temple Guy?)



This picture revealed the gentleman's true nature.  See bottom of page for "enhancement."


Almost heaven...

(Note: This shot is much clearer than things actually looked at the time!)

Those girls in black!



Never hand your camera to a Canuck.  Nice try, Mate.

(This was an attempt by a certain someone to take pictures up the girls' dresses.  Later on many of us found ourselves seeing the underside of the table as well, but for different reasons. )


Later that same evening...(It's the Bishop!)



As mentioned above: please allow him to introduce himself.

An odd ending to the Aki Meguri, a holy pilgrimage, you may say?


Love, friendship, mutual support, camaraderie, fun together...these are essential to the pilgrimage, too.  Without the people in these pictures, and a few others like them, I would never have been able to take my first step...

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