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Aki Meguri

Words-and-Pictures Index

Here is an index to the Words and Pictures pages created on the Aki Meguri.


By Date

The Old Tokaido Stage

September 5th, 2001(Wednesday) September 6th, 2001(Thursday) September 7th, 2001(Friday) September 8th, 2001(Saturday) September 10th, 2001(Monday)

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

September 12th, 2001(Wednesday) September 13th, 2001(Thursday) September 14th, 2001(Friday) September 15th, 2001(Saturday) September 16th, 2001(Sunday) September 17th, 2001(Monday) September 19th, 2001(Wednesday) September 21st, 2001(Friday) September 23rd, 2001(Sunday) September 25th, 2001(Tuesday)

September 26th, 2001(Wednesday)

September 27th, 2001(Thursday) October 1st, 2001(Monday) October 2nd, 2001(Tuesday) October 8th, 2001(Monday) October 9th, 2001(Tuesday)

The Yamato Stage

October 10th, 2001(Wednesday) October 11th, 2001(Thursday)
  • Asuka (Not really a Words and Pictures page, this "Tourist Log" is filled with images of mysterious stones, and shouldn't be missed)
  • Asukadera
  • The Monkey Stones

October 12th, 2001(Friday)

October 13th, 2001(Saturday)

The Shikoku Stage

Friday, October 19th Wednesday, October 31st Tuesday, November 6th Monday, November 12th


Friday and Sunday, November 30th and December 2nd

December 3rd

By Title

500 Rakkan (11/6) (Shikoku)

Arai Barrier, The (9/26) (Tokaido)

Asuka (Not really a Words and Pictures page, this "Tourist Log" is filled with images of mysterious stines, and shouldn't be missed) (10/11) (Yamato)

Asukadera (10/11) (Yamato)

Buddhas of the Five Directions, The (Gochi Nyorai) (9/21) (Tokaido)

Chiryu Shrine (10/1) (Tokaido)

Emma-O and the Judges in Hell (10/19) (Shikoku)

Engakuji(9/8) (Tokaido)

Family Shrine, A (11/6) (Shikoku)

Farewell Meetings at El Torito, Shinjuku (11/30 & 12/2) (Postlude)

Final Farewell at Zest (12/3) (Postlude)

Futagawa Honjin, The (9/27) (Tokaido)

Garan on  Mount Koya, The (10/12) (Yamato)

Ginza (9/5) (Tokaido)

Honsenji (9/6) (Tokaido)

Horyuji (10/10) (Yamato)

Ichirizuka at Hatajuku, The (9/14) (Tokaido)

Ishidatami (9/14) (Tokaido)

Ishiyamadera (10/8) (Tokaido)

Joshoji (9/12) (Tokaido)

Kasadera Kannon (10/2) (Tokaido)

Kikoji (10/10) (Yamato)

Kyuenji (9/23) (Tokaido)

Maisaka's Waki Honjin (9/26) (Tokaido)

Mishima Taisha (9/16) (Tokaido)

Monkey Stones, The (10/11) (Yamato)

Monuments on the Road to Mishima (9/15) (Tokaido)

Nannendo (10/10) (Yamato)

Odawara Castle (9/13) (Tokaido)

Okunoin on Mount Koya, The (10/13) (Yamato)

Old Stones at Totomi Kokubunji (9/25) (Tokaido)

Saidaiji (10/10) (Yamato)

Sai-no-kawara (9/14) (Tokaido)

Seikenji (9/19) (Tokaido)

Sengakuji (9/5) (Tokaido)

Shichifukujin, The (11/12) (Shikoku)

Shitenno, The (11/12) (Shikoku)

Shouinji (9/17) (Tokaido)

Six Jizo (9/13) (Tokaido)

Sons of Emon Saburo, The (10/31) (Shikoku)

Soujiji (9/7) (Tokaido)

Soukanji (9/15) (Tokaido)

Statuary (10/1) (Tokaido)

Suwahara Castle (9/23) (Tokaido)

Suzugamori Execution Ground (9/6) (Tokaido)

Todaiji (10/10) (Yamato)

Togakuin (9/13) (Tokaido)

Toji (10/9) (Tokaido)

Tomb of Emperor Suinin, The (10/10) (Yamato)

Toshodaiji (10/10) (Yamato)

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu (9/8) (Tokaido)

Yakushiji (10/10) (Yamato)

Yamanaka Castle Ruins (9/15) (Tokaido)

Yugyoji (9/10) (Tokaido)

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