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Words-and-Pictures: The Futagawa Honjin

(as seen on September 27th, 2001, on the Old Tokaido stage of the Aki Meguri)

Note: This honjin (official inn) is at Futagawa in Aichi Prefecture, which is Station #33 (from Tokyo) on the Old Tokaido Highway.  You can read about my visit to Futagawa in my Logbook.  You may also choose to start reading about my Tokaido journey at the beginning, or start at the top of my Aki Meguri pages.

The official inn at Futagawa is a real delight.  The main house was built in 1753, with additions made in 1849 and 1856.  Restoration was completed in 1991.  The main house covers almost 770 square meters--over 8,000 square feet!  The two okura (storehouses) date to 1718 and 1733; they total almost 110 square meters (with two stories each).

I shot so many pictures here that I've revised the page format a bit.  The  pictures are rather small, but I don't think you'll miss much.  Larger images of some similar fixtures can be seen in the Maisaka waki honjin. (But if you really need a large photo of an indoor wooden toilet, let me know, and I'll see what I can do.)

The garden and grounds, including the okura or storehouses
The interior, left to right: the dais from which visitors were received, the earthen-floored central hallway, which divides the guests' quarters from the servants' side; the kitchen stove; and the well, with a vending machine behind.
Facilities: no explanations needed, except to say that the device in the second picture was for use by gentlemen only (get it?).  Also, the squatting version in the third photo was on the servants' side of the building; the stand-up one in picture four was for guests.  (I want to try it!)
On display: another kago ; boxes for carrying cargo; household goods.
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