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Words-and-Pictures: A Family Shrine

(as seen on November 6th, 2001, on the Shikoku stage of the Aki Meguri)

Note: I encountered this small shrine on my way from Unpenji (#66, and home of the 500 rakkan) to Daikoji (#67) on Shikoku's famous 88 Temple Pilgrimage; it is near the latter temple.  You can read more about that day in my Logbook, or go to the Shikoku homepage to read about the entire journey.

Near the end of this small cemetery is something that looks like a bus shelter, nearly falling over.
Here you can make out one of the props behind it to keep it from falling backward completely.

This side has a small lean-to attached.
Inside is a fine stone pedestal with a Jizo on top.  It appears that the building was built around this.  There are benches on either side (like a bus shelter again) and some gardening storage--tools, a trash can, etc.

My sole justification for calling this a "family" shrine is these two pictures.  In fact, it's probably just a shrine; the pictures are only part of its purpose.  At the next temple, Number 67, I saw a man open a photo album and hold it up facing the Daishido as his tour group chanted; pictures of dead relatives? 
I'd love to buy some old photos like these before I leave Japan.  These were there for the taking, of course, but I wouldn't want to suffer the bad mojo that would come with stealing such a thing!


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