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Words-and-Pictures: Emma-O and the Judges in Hell

(as seen on October 19th, 2001, on the Shikoku stage of the Aki Meguri)

Note: This array of Emma-O, king of hell, and his accompanying judges, is located at Byodoji, Temple #22 of Shikoku's famous 88 Temple Pilgrimage.  You can read more about my visit to Byodoji in my Logbook, or go to the Shikoku homepage to read about the entire journey.

It's interesting to see Jizo Bosatsu (the Chinese Di Cang Wang [Ti Tsang Wang]) standing next to Emma (Sanskrit Yama) pleading the cases of the accused.  And seated on Emma-O's other side: is that Bodhidharma, one shoe in hand?


Emma-O, King of Hell

Jizo Bosatsu

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