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Temples: What The Temple Guy is all about!

The primary purpose of this site is to share information I've acquired in visiting temples in Asia.  The gateway to all Chinese temple information is my Mi-le-fo site.  I am now living in Shenzhen, China, which--although it is part of the mainland--is right on the Hong Kong border.  So I have divided my Chinese temple experiences into three parts: the handful of temples in Shenzhen, the over-600 temples in Hong Kong, and the countless temples in China outside of these two areas.  (When I go to Taiwan, a separate section will be added for these.)  There's even a small section on Chinese temples in America!

Japanese temples are in a section of their own called Furudera; to date, I have visited far more temples in Japan (hundreds!) and am busy building pages on these.  Ultimately, Furudera will include The Old Tokaido, Yamato, and Shikoku Pilgrimage sections of a Fall, 2001, Aki Meguri, as well as visits to the 100 Kannon Temples of Japan, being the Saigoku 33, the Bando 33, and the Chichibu 34 Pilgrimages.  In addition, I completed six small pilgrimages within Tokyo in the summer of 2004; these are there, too.

The huge number of temples in Hong Kong gave me an idea.  You can read all about it at the prospectus for The Hong Kong Temple Project, a survey of every temple in Hong Kong.

Deep AsiaReflections on the deep culture of East Asia

In order to explore all these temples, I have been living in Asia (first Japan, now China) since 1997 (with a hiatus in 2002 and 2003).  Deep Asia chronicles some experiences of the deep cultural underpinnings of Japan and China, especially their religion, history, literature, and art.

The Shenzhen section is already in progress; China and Japan are in the planning stages.

Aki Meguri: My "Autumn Journey" through Japan

In the Fall of 2001, I undertook a 10-week journey through the heart of Old Japan.  I walked down the 400-year-old Tokaido Highway from Tokyo to Kyoto, stopped in at spectacular sites in the Yamato region, then did the 88-temple pilgrimage on Shikoku.  You can read some historical background regarding the logistics of the trip, and, especially, see the Words and Pictures pages created along the way. There are also special indexes for the Logbook pages and Journal entries, and an alphabetical listing of locations visited.

ArticlesAn archive of various writings

I have spent a great deal of my life writing, but very little of what I have written has ever been "published."  Until now!  A Letter from James keeps family and friends updated on my activities; this is a replacement for my old blogs.  Much of my writing centers around religion; these articles are collected as Of This and That.  When people send questions, I try to answer them in The Hot Seat; other interesting letters are seen in The Temple Guy's Got Mail.  While writing, I often find information I think others might be interested in; this is summarized in my Linkin' Log.  Funny--but significant--bits are in Holy Humor.  Finally, my (currently inactive) Calendar of Sacred events is meant to bring a daily connection to "things unseen."

Buckets of Light: Worth a thousand words

I have been creating images using camera, darkroom, and--more recently-- computer for over 35 years.  You can see temple-related images at Sacred Sights, and others at One Good Shot.

Old Blogs: My experiments in on-line journaling

In January 2004, I began blogging for the first time, under the alias The Barefoot Fool.  This was a great experience, and helped me focus my thinking about China.

Dissatisfied with the format, I converted from the Fool to The Temple Guy, with a blog called The Temple Gate.  This, too, while interesting, was ultimately not meeting my needs.  I have realized that I am not as interested in blogging as I am in page-building.

So the blogs have become history; my old blog site has become a guide to new pages on The Temple Guy.  Some of the more significant posts will be given pages of their own, as freestanding articles.  Meanwhile, feel free to browse the old blogs at your leisure.  (They are also searchable.)

ExtrasMaterials outside of The Temple Guy's main mission

Because I have 2 gigabytes to play with, I occasionally use the space for other projects.  Two of these are Aunt Til's Kids (read this about access), a page for my family; and Friends, a collection of photo pages from outings in Shenzhen.


James Baquet, Teacher The Temple Guy's alter ego, this is how I support myself while living in temple-rich countries

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