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Mike and James

The man on the right is Mike Daly, my boss-for-a-year and friend-for-life. After I left FLS International, Mike and I became part of a regular "beer circle" that included, among others, Prince Roy. It was a great summer and fall, sitting on the patio at the Sierra Madre Brewing Company; or BJ's; or Crown City; or...

Anyway, the previous summer, when we were still working together, FLS took all the students and staff out for a "Beach Bash." Mike's family came along, including his son James (good name!), and I caught this father/son moment.

Mike has become so much more than a "former boss." He is a true friend, and I hope that somehow or another he'll get over to China while I'm here. And bring the family!

Technical notes: The man in the background is Frank Hernandez. While he's a lovely man, I thought the shot would be better without him. So I opened the picture in Photoshop, selected Mike and James, and ran a radial blur filter on the rest. Next I adjusted the brightness and contrast for that "high key" look, and added a hint of noise for a final nostalgic effect. 

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